option trading italy Information for the Newsletter

www imparare opzioni binari About my first newsletter, how does that work?

  • Once you sign up, you will receive a response by email that we have received your information and attached to that email will be some questions you need to answer about your newsletter's reports pages.
  • I will begin working on the first draft of your newsletter and return to you as soon as I can.  It usually takes no longer than a few days.
  • You should respond to that email as soon as you can so we can begin work on your newsletter.

marketworld How can I get information to you for the newsletter?

  • For efficiency, an emailed copy of your information is the quickest and most accurate way to include into your newsletter. 

premarin reviews How are reports included?

  • When you sign up you will provide the login information for us to access your reports from the MK Desktop.  We will download and include the reports in the newsletter.
  • Once reports are downloaded and included in the newsletter, no further updates will be made to the reports. They are included as is from the Company.

buy seroquel shipped cod I don't want my report information to be included.  Can my information be excluded when reports are posted?

  • Yes, you can opt to have your report information removed.
  • If you choose to remove your on-target star results, in the month that star photos are included, your will not be shown in keeping with your request not to show your results.

binäre optionen gewinn Do you only provide an electronic copy of the newsletter?

  • I provide you a copy of your newsletter in Adobe Acrobat. This copy can be printed by you and mailed, or forwarded to your unit through email. 

ÃÃÂ� Pictures in the Newsletter

  • I have pictures of my unit that I want included in the newsletter, but I don’t have a scanner. Can I mail those to you and you scan them for me?
  • Yes. And when I am finished with them, I will mail them back to you.

Buy Tastylia (Tadalafil) Online No Prescription Is there a particular way you would like the photo?

  • Yes.  If you can stand your consultant next to a white background (well lit) and take a photo of her head and neck that would be great.  
  • If you take a photo of any more than that, it is fine, but as I try to crop to get a good picture of her face, it may become distorted.  So, a white background, head and shoulder shot works the best.  But I can use anything you send!

binäre optionen game Revisions

  • Why are there some typos in my newsletter that are pretty obvious to me? Why didn’t you catch those?
  • It is very difficult for the person who typed an item to proof it accurately 100 percent of the time. I can look at something for five minutes and not see an obvious typo, but when you pick up the document it stands out to you like a sore thumb. It helps when two people are looking at a document. As the Director requesting it, let’s partner together to get your document perfect!  
  • Remember, you are ultimately responsible for the content of your newsletter and the accuracy of it.  The more you can send information already typed and the way you want it the better.  I'll just cut and paste into your newsletter.  If I have to retype it for you, you should make a special effort to read that typed information carefully when you review it!

binäre option app How many times can I revise my document because of errors, typos, etc.?

  • There is a limit of 3 sets of revisions for your newsletter for every newsletters  www Cialis Billig auf rechnung EXCEPT the Mini Newsletter
  • A revision is ANY change no matter how minimal to the newsletter content or layout.
  • You can expect to receive an updated newsletter within 48 hours of revision requests.

optionyard nachrichten Administrative Issues

die besten strategien für binäre optionen When do I get my newsletter?

  • We work to get the newsletter drafts (for the No-Brainer and BLT) in your hands by the 2 or 3rd of each month
  • For the Mini and Touchless, you'll receive your newsletter on or before the 10th of the month complete with reports
  • Once you return your content after receiving your draft, newsletter production begins.
  • You will receive a updated revision within 72 hours of sending your initial content (excluding Sunday and Holidays) and within 48 hours of any revision (excluding Sunday and Holidays).

testosterone levels male Must I complete a newsletter each month?

  • Our service is monthly.  However, you can choose to skip a newsletter once every 12 months and remain active.

trading binario pareri Is there a deadline to complete my newsletter?

  • Newsletter production is over EVERY month on the 23rd (with exceptions for Thanksgiving and Christmas). Notices will be provided of an alternate date in these cases.
  • To get a completed newsletter, all updates and changes must be received by 9:30 p.m. CST on the 23rd to be worked on.
  • However, there is a one-time exception each month that you can utilize for a $20 fee.  You'll be allowed only one $20 after-the-deadline revision each month.
  • After the deadline on the 23rd, you can send ONE EMAIL with information to complete your newsletter UNTIL the 25th of the month.
  • You'll be asked by email to verify that you do want to have the $20 applied to your card and that verification must be returned by email before the 25th.
  • Once verification is received, we'll process your card and work on the newsletter as we have time (as we may be off on vacation, etc.).
  • Because we may be on vacation during the last week of the month, any after-the-deadline requests do not have a set time as to when they will be returned to you. However, all will be completed by the 30th of the month and sent back as final.

shop online stock per negozi Do you keep past editions of my newsletter?

  • No. Once we start on a new edition, the other one is overwritten.

Will you copy and mail my newsletter to members of my unit?

Once I sign up for this newsletter and then want to switch to another version in the future, will I have to pay another set up fee?

  • Yes because each newsletter takes time to set up with your information and changing the billing, your records, etc.  Time in doing these tasks is why there is a set up fee.  


  • Do you give a discount for referring other Directors to your service?
  • Absolutely. You will receive a $10 credit applied to your credit card immediately! 
  • To earn the credit . . .
  • The person named as the referral must be a current customer using our newsletter or Virtual Assistant service.
  • If you are already a customer of a one of our services, and are signing up for another service, no referral credit can be given as you'll already be aware of all the service we offer.
  • You must not be a return customer of the any service (newsletter, Virtual, etc.).  Meaning you previously used the service, are are now returning for that service or another we currently have.

How will I know when a director I have referred uses the services?

  • First, make sure she indicates on the Sign Up form that you referred her.  Then, you will see a credit on your credit card statement for $10 for the referral.  If you'd like to know the director that referral is for, email us!

But if she doesn't fill that in at the time she signs up, and you find out later that I referred her, will I get credit?

  • No, unfortunately.  So make sure she mentions you at sign up!

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