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    We're the Besteder Newsletter Service and we create beautifully
    designed products for Mary Kay professionals that stand out
    from the crowd...saving you both time and money!
    And this is our website.
Monthly Newsletters

Monthly Newsletters

The classic paper-based communication tool that never goes out of style!
The Perfect Packet

The Perfect Packet

A fun and different way to share the opportunity!


Your unit newsletter....in a video that you can upload to Facebook, Twitter or email to Consultants.


Let Consultants know when their status is changing out of Active....in fun, informative videos!
New Director

New Director

Being a New Director means getting processes in place. Let us help with that, until you get on your...
Virtual Assistant Service

Virtual Assistant Service

The tried and true post card mailing service that alerts Consultants about their change in status.

Perfect Samples


Page 2 (Weekly Summary Sheet)

  • Just remember not to include extra spaces or tabs.
  • Don't try to line up the column of amounts
  • Just keep it simple so we can easily copy into the newsletter.
  • Notice I am typing DOWN the page (to the margin), and there is just a space between the name and the amount
  • Also notice there is no space between the category name (Classes, etc.) and the first consultant name
  • NOTE: We will copy and paste just as you send it. So make sure you have them in the order you want them to appear, putting $ signs where appropriate, etc.

Here's an example.  Notice nothing fancy, just typed DOWN the page and ONE space between the consultant name and the amount:

Jane Doe $100
Betty Boop $100
Betty Boop $50

Jane Doe $300
Jane Doe $250


Page 10 (Calendar Page)

  • Just remember not to include extra spaces or tabs.
  • Don't try to space over to fancy up the content.
  • Just keep it simple so we can easily copy into the newsletter.
  • Just type the date, the event and the content

Here's and example.  Notice nothing fancy, just typed DOWN the page and NO extra spaces in the content:

September 1
Monthly Meeting 
7:00 - 8:00, Bring guests, Food is provided 

September 5
Director Debut for Sally Sue 
7:00, Holiday Inn, Bring guests 

Shirley Peterson Video

View this full screen by clicking the full screen icon in the lower right corner.

Remember...you can use the PAUSE control to stop the video to view at your own pace.



New Consultant

More Articles ...

The LIttle Extras

Besteder Bundle

  • Bundle the newsletter (or if you use the V-News or an OurUnitPlace Website) with any service and get $10 off your newsletter / V-News or / Website cost each month!

  • If bundling with the V-Notify service, you must have at least 3 videos each month to get the $10 bundle discount.

  • *We reserve the right to discontinue this program at anytime, without prior notice.  We will provide a 30-day notice if the program is to be changed or eliminated.

  • Sign up today for the services you're missing to take advantage of this offer!

Best Rewards

Offered free to Mary Kay Directors who use any of our services. Points never expire as long as you're a current customer. Earn points for every purchase on our website AND every month you remain a customer of one of our services.
  • 30 points for the unit newsletter service

  • 30 points for the V-News service

  • 20 points for the virtual assistant service

  • 20 points for the New Director Mix and Match service

  • 10 for the V-Notify email service

  • 5 points for each New Consultant you send through the New Consultant Training

  • Use points to pay for any online order or redeem 2,500 points for a $25 credit back to the card we have on file for you. Or, once a customer of our service and you purchase something from the Web Store, you can you use the points as credit in your cart.

  • Each point is worth $.01 (a penny). As you accumulate points, the cash value increases.

Read more on the FAQ page!

My Sister And Me

Just enter your sister Director's name in the "My Sister and Me" field when signing up for a Mary Kay Unit Newsletter, and we'll credit your account $10.00 for the set up fee and 50% of your first month's newsletter cost when she also signs up during the same month and includes YOUR name in her "My Sister and Me" field!

About Us

About Us

Besteder Newsletters was founded in the State of Nebraska in 2001 by Simmie and Pamela Besteder!

Our focus is on servicing direct selling professionals, with a future goal of expanding to every segment of the marketplace providing quality newsletters, websites and virtual assisting services.

Simmie has a Bachelor degree in English with a minor in Print Journalism and has a lot of ideas for various newsletter opportunities! I have a Bachelor degree in Business Management but have a passion for desktop publishing. Can you tell?

Thanks for visiting the site
Simmie and Pamela Besteder, Owner

Privacy Policy

Besteder Newsletters knows that you care how information about you is used and shared, and we appreciate your trust that we will do so carefully and sensibly. This notice describes our privacy policy.  By visiting Besteder Newsletters, you are accepting the practices described in this Privacy Notice. 

What Personal Information About Customers Does Besteder Newsletters Gather?

In addition to your mailing address and phone contact information, we'll require the information to access your Mary Kay reports.  We'll ask for your Unit Number, Consltant Number and Password.  

Our payment system is totally electronic and your credit card information is collected on a secure server with Merchant One Credit Card Services.  We do not see or maintain your credit card information.

E-mail Communications:  Most of our communication will be by email.  You provide monthly results to us and we include it in your newsletter.  In addition, when you become a customer, you are automatically added to our Blog mailing list.  You can unsubscribe at any time.

Does Besteder Newsletters Share the Information It Receives?  No.  


Your children are safe in viewing our site.  There will be nothing offensive displayed here!

Did this help?  Still have questions?  Contact us.

Contact Us

Contact us by clicking the chat button at the bottom of this page. Leave a message or chat with us.

Or, you can call us 9:30 a.m. - 9:30 p.m. CST (334-612-0747)

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