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    How much does it cost?

    • You will be charged a $10 set up fee for your deal and then the cost of your newsletter:
    • You will then decide if you want to add on any of the Virtual Assistant Services.
    • Then the 2nd month and the 3rd month, you will be charged the fee for whatever mix and match items you've chosen.
    • If you choose to remain with any or all services, beginning the 4th month, you will be charged the original price for each service.
    • To be considered a new Director, you debut date must be within the last 3 months. For instance, if this month is September, you must have debuted no later than June.

    When can I sign up for the service?

    • At any time.

    Can I skip a month and not use the service?

    • No, the service is monthly, if you find you would like to cancel, just let us know before the 1st (which is when you card is charged for the next month).
    • Then, if you would like to sign up again...since the set-up fee is low...you can get started again right away!
    • IMPORTANT:  If you fail to contact us before 9:30 p.m. CST on the 24th of the month that you want to cancel, you cannot receive a refund.
    • Since your credit card will be billed automatically on the 1st of each month, we must receive your cancellation email the day before by our COB (9:30 p.m. CST).

    Is there a minimum period that I have to use for the service?

    • No. The service is month to month. Just cancel before the 1st (see info above)
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    About my first newsletter, how does that work?

    • Once you sign up, you will receive a response by email that we have received your information and attached to that email will be some questions you need to answer about your newsletter's reports pages.

    • I will begin working on the first draft of your newsletter and return to you as soon as I can. It usually takes no longer than a few days.

    • You should respond to that email as soon as you can so we can begin work on your newsletter.


    How can I get information to you for the newsletter?

    • For efficiency, an emailed copy of your information is the quickest and most accurate way to include into your newsletter. 


    How are reports included?

    • When you sign up you will provide the login information for us to access your reports from the MK Desktop.

    • We will download and include the reports in the newsletter.

    • Once reports are downloaded and included in the newsletter, no further updates will be made to the reports. They are included as is from the Company.


    I don't want my report information to be included. Can my information be excluded when reports are posted?

    • Yes, you can opt to have your report information removed.

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    Choose 3 status choices (A3, I1, I2, etc.) using of these 4 ways to notify Consultants who are in a changing status. Costs are for the 3 months of your Mix and Match Deal.

    • By Text ($15, yours for $7.50)
    • By eCard ($15, yours for $7.50)
    • By Voice ($15, yours for $7.50)
    • By Video ($15, yours for $7.50)
    • By Mail ($30, normally $15)
    • Click here to view each item
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    Do you give a discount for referring other Directors to your service?

    • To earn the credit . . .the person named as the referral must be a current customer using any of our services.
    • If you are already a customer of a one of our services, and are signing up for this service, no referral credit can be given as you'll already be aware of all the service we offer.
    • You must not be a return customer of the any service (newsletter, Virtual, etc.). Meaning you previously used the service, are are now returning for that service or another we currently have.

    How will I know when a director I have referred uses the services?

    • First, make sure she indicates on the sign up form that you referred her.
    • Then, you will see a credit on your credit card statement for $5 for the referral. If you'd like to know the director that referral is for, email us!

    But if she doesn't fill that in at the time she signs up, and you find out later that I referred her, will I get credit?

    • No, unfortunately. So make sure she mentions you at sign up!
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