My Sister and Me Buddy Program

When you and a sister Mary Kay Director sign up with this program, you BOTH can save!


Just enter your sister Director's name in the "My Sister and Me" field when signing up for a Mary Kay Unit Newsletter, and we'll credit your account $10.00 for the set up fee and 50% off your first month's newsletter cost when she also signs up during the same month and includes YOUR name in her "My Sister and Me" field!

NOTE:  Not valid with the New Director Promotion.

Is the Referred By field the same as the "My Sister and Me" field? 

  • No, the Referred By field is the person who referred you and who is already using the newsletter service.  They will receive a $10 referral bonus for telling you about us!
  • The "My Sister and Me" field is for you to use to include the name of the Director you want to share this promotion with and who will also be signing up with you that month.

Can the person who referred me also be my "sister" for this promotion? 

  • To get a referral bonus, the person has to already be a user of the newsletter service.  If you and your "sister" are signing up at the same time, neither of you are customers yet and therefore the referral bonus doesn't apply!
  • However, once you are all signed up and on the service, you can refer others and be eligible for the $10 referral bonus.

Discounts and refunds

  • Your set-up fee and first month's newsletter cost will discount will be refunded once your Sister Director is confirmed.