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To be considered a new Director for this special, you must have debuted as a Mary Kay Director within the past 6 months.
For instance, if this month is March, you must have debuted in October, November, December, January, February, or March. 


Mini Newsletter

The Mini Newsletter is normally $20, you pay only $10 for the promotion period.


  • Click here to learn about the Newsletter service.

notify4me (eCard)

  • There are 8 different eCards (Star Consultant, A3, I1, I2, I3, T1, T6 (11 month), and T7 (Terminated).
  • You can choose 3 of the 8 for the promotion period.
  • eCards are regularly $5 each.
  • You will pay only $7.50 ($2.50 x 3).
  • Click here to learn about the notify4me service.


New Consultant Training

covergirls Copy min

  • The New Consultant training is normally $5 when your New Consultant actually logs in to take the training. 
  • You pay $0 for each new Consuttant during the promotion period.
  • Click here to learn about the New Consultant Training.

When you sign up, you'll immediately be charged:

  • $10 to set up all three services.
  • $10 first month fee for the Mini Newsletter.
  • $7.50 first month fee for the notify4me Service.

Then in month two and month three, you will be charged:

  • $10 for the Mini Newsletter.
  • $7.50 for the notify4me Service.
  • $0 for every new Consultant who actually logs in and begins the training.

Once your three months are over:

  • If you choose to remain with any or all services, you will be charged the original price for each service.
  • If you would like to move from the Mini to a higher newsletter, you can and be charged that newsletter cost.