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To be considered a new Director for this special, you must have debuted as a Mary Kay Director within the past 6 months.  For instance, if this month is March, you must have debuted Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb or March. 

Mini Newsletter

The Mini Newsletter is normally $20, you pay only $10 for the promotion period.


Virtual Assistant (eCard)

  • There are 7 different eCards (A3, I1, I2, I3, T1, T6 (11 month), and T7 (Terminated)
  • You can choose 3 of the 7 for the promotion period
  • eCards are regularly $5 each
  • You will pay only $7.50 ($2.50 x 3)
  • Click here to learn about the eCard service


How It Works

  • You will be charged a $5 set up fee for both services + $17.50 for your first month's service = $22.50 to start.
  • Then the 2nd month and the 3rd month, you will be charged a total of $17.50 for both services.
  • Once the promotion period is over, if you choose to continue with one or both services, you will be charged the original price for each service.
  • If you would like to upgrade to a higher newsletter, add more eCards, or upgrade to actual cards mailed, you'll be charged fully for whatever you choose.

Need more information:  

Call 334-612-0747....

Or if the LIVE CHAT button at the top of the page is available, click to chat with me!  If it's not available, click it to leave an email message.

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