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Perfect Packet

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wfB-gxzLbg

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    How much do the packets cost?

    • $10 for a packet of 5 sets.
    • $10 for the MKShare.net website (with a $10 set up fee).

    Do I have to also sign up for the MKShare website?

    • No

    What is the purpose of the MKShare website?

    • It's two-fold.  One, if you decide to use the website, your bio card will have login information for your personalized MKShare.net website.  It gives just a bit more information that cannot fit on the packet inserts.
    • Second, if you don't purchase the Perfect Packet, you can still have the website and send prospective team members there to view the information.
    • But we think the best use of the site is in conjunction with the Perfect Packet.

    Can I skip a month and not use the website service?

    • No, the website service is monthly. 
    • Consider this, if you give a customer your login information and she waits 2-3 months to go and view it...you'd want  it to be there for her to view.
    • If you find you would like to cancel, just let us know before the 24th (because your card is charged for the next month on the 25th).
    • Then, if you would like to sign up again...since the set-up fee is low...you can get started again right away!
    • IMPORTANT: If you fail to contact us before 9:30 p.m. CST on the 24th of the month that you want to cancel, you cannot receive a refund. Since your credit card will be billed automatically on the 25th of each month, we must receive your cancellation email the day before by our COB (9:30 p.m. CST).

    Is there a minimum period that I have to use for the service?

    • No. The service is month to month. Just cancel before the 24th (see info above).

    Do you give a bonus for referring others (Consultants and Directors) to the MKShare service?

    • Absolutely. To be eligible, you must be currently using the MKshare website service.
    • Your referral cannot already be a customer of any Besteder Newsletter Service.
    • For EACH person you refer, we'll give you a $5 referral credit to your credit card!
    • In addition, you will earn 50 bonus points in the Best Rewards Program.

    Does this also count for the Besteder Bundle?

    • For sure! Any time you use 2 or more services, you get a $10 discount on a unit newsletter.
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    Once you purchase the Perfect Packet, you'll be sent an email asking for your photo and your I-story for the bio card.  We'll get the card designed, send it to you for approval and once that's done, print it and send your Perfect Packet to you.

    Will the bio have my name and email address?

    • Yes, as well as your Mary Kay website, Facebook, etc.  Whatever you want

    How long does it take to get the packets?

    • The first time you order, you'll be asked for your photo and I-story information.
    • Because that can take some time to get back from you and then to have the cards designed with your information, sent to you to proof, etc...we ask that you allow 7-14 days from the time you order until the time you get your packets in the mail.
    • Of course, it could be longer than that based upon the turn-around time of you getting the final proof back.
    • Then, if you ever need to reorder the packets, we'll already have your information on file, so the time should be much shorter.

    Can I sign up for just the MKShare website?

    • Yes, that's up to you
    • However, we think it works best when paired with the Perfect Packet!

    There are some inserts I don't want, can I pay less and not have those included?

    • No.  If you don't want them, just discard them from your packet.

    Can I alter the content of the inserts?

    • No.

    I missed the deadline to STOP my service and didn't notify you by 9:30 p.m. CST on the 24th. Can I get a refund?

    • No. Since your credit card has been processed, you'll not be able to get a refund. We'll go ahead and send out the cards as normal, but will cancel the service going forward.

    Do you give a discount for referring other to your service?

    • The only referral given is for a sign-up of the MKShare.net website.  There are no referral bonuses given for when people simply purchase the Perfect Packets.
    • To earn the credit . . .the person named as the referral must not be a current customer using any of our services.

    How will I know when a Consultant or Director I have referred uses the MKShare.net website?

    • First, make sure she indicates on the MKShare.net sign up form that you referred her.
    • Then, you will see a credit on your credit card statement for $5 for the referral.

    But if she doesn't fill that in at the time she signs up, and you find out later that I referred her, will I get credit?

    • No, unfortunately. So make sure she mentions you at sign up!
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      1.  Your Bio

      • Personalized with your photo and your write-up
      • You choose the 2 colors for the card (sample comes with black and blue)
      • Size of a post card (4 x 6 inches)
      • Click each to see a larger view



      2.  Career Car

      • Based on the country
      • U.S. customers will have the U.S. car, etc.
      • Size of a post card (4 x 6 inches)
      • Click each to see a larger view





      3.  Career Levels

      • Based on the country
      • U.S. customers will have the U.S. commission percentages, etc.
      • Size of a post card (4 x 6 inches)
      • Click each to see a larger view





      4.  How You Make Money

      • Side 1 is How To Make Money
      • Side 2 is the Company information
      • Size of a post card (4 x 6 inches)
      • Click each to see a larger view



      4.  How To Start

      • Side 1 is Getting Started
      • Side 2 is Reward and Recognition
      • Size of a post card (4 x 6 inches)
      • Click each to see a larger view



      5.  Your Why

      • Size of a bookmark (2 x 6 inches)
      • See the reverse side below



      6.  Q&A

      • Size of a folder business card
      • Front cover is the title
      • Inside cover begins the Q & A
      • Back cover ends the Q & A
      • Click each to see a larger view


  • ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
    • MKShare.net is a personalized team building site which gives you a place to share recruiting information with customers.
    • Only $10 a month (with a one-time $10 set up fee).
    • What makes it unique is it can be used in conjunction with the Perfect Packet. 
    • Present customer with one Perfect Packet and using the code found in the packet, they can log into your MKShare website and find out even more about the opportunity!
    • Or, you can just give out your code without purchasing the packets (but I think the packets are too cute and who wouldn't want to give those out?)

    Login and view a sample site: 


    User name:  perfect

    Password:  packet

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